Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Today could be interesting

Mini Super Tuesday is off and running. While Kasich is generally expected to win Ohio, it is Florida that everyone is watching.

With a whopping 99 delegates at stake in a winner-take-all race, the polls show Trump with a commanding lead over Marco Rubio with one poll showing a 22 point deficit for Rubio.

I find that a bit amazing as earlier polls said that Rubio had a huge lead in the early voting which is quite extensive here. Marco was on television this morning telling one local newscaster that he believed the polls were way off base and said there was going to be a lot of explaining going on after he wins the state.

For obvious reasons, I want to see Rubio win Florida and keep those delegates away from Trump. But I would also like to see some life shot back into Rubio's campaign. While I wouldn't have a problem voting for Cruz in the general election, as I've pointed out repeatedly, the only candidate that beats Hillary in every poll is Rubio. This campaign of character assassination against him being carried out by conservatives simply baffles me. It could cost Republicans the White House in what should be a gimme election.


And just briefly, in the Donald Trump buys supporters department -- we're now seeing that the supposedly genuine and moral Dr. Ben Carson bewildering endorsement of Trump may have to do with Trump promising Carson a position in his administration if elected. Color me shocked . . . shocked I say.

All you Trump voters -- you're supposed to be voting against crony capitalism, politicians that say one thing then do another once elected, etc. Remember?

Huh. Well, I've got to tell you . . . I'm fairly astounded. With about 2/3's of the precincts reporting, Trump is over 46% in Florida with Rubio lagging badly at about 26%. I really don't get it. Marco has said he'll go on if he loses Florida, but after taking a pasting like this, I don't see what the point would be.

Guess we'll have to see how things look at the end of the night.

And one more thing -- Rubio has complained loud and long about the media's endless Trump exposure and the unfair advantage is has given him. Well, someone crunched the numbers and they're pretty stunning:

Donald trump gets unfair advantage in media coverage

Hard to compete against a guy getting 10 times the media coverage for free. just sayin'

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