Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Disappointed, but not totally unexpected

Carly Fiorina announced she was suspending her campaign today. I always wonder why they call it suspending, I suppose it sounds better than quitting.

She spoke defiantly after the NH voting, saying she was going to continue on, having established campaigns in multiple states. I'm assuming that with the next debate coming up and it already being made clear she wasn't going to get an invite, Carly saw the uphill battle ahead of her. Kind of a pity, I would have liked to see how she would have managed if she had survived a bit more of the field's winnowing.

I've said before that the idea of a Rubio/Fiorina ticket is appealing to me. I would be amused if we hear news of Marco reaching out to her at some point and Carly beginning to turn up at some Rubio events or acting as his proxy on the stump.

Of course, it's already been news that Christie has dropped out. Prof. Jacobsen characterized Christie's attack during the debate as a murder/suicide and others have spoken out about Christie taking down Rubio simply out of spite -- supposedly their campaigns have bad blood between them, but frankly, this is the first I've heard of it and I'm paying pretty close attention to this race.

In the conspiracy theory department -- I see where Christie had a long talk with Trump prior to leaving NH. Trump's got money tied up in NJ, Christie can't run for Governor again . . . would I be surprised if Christie suddenly started stumping for Trump? That Christie's name suddenly started turning up in a supposed Trump administration? VP? Attorney General?

There's already been some quiet whispers about Trump buying political support -- I'm looking at you Sarah, so the notion that there was some quid-pro-quo between Trump and Christie to get the more electable Rubio out of the way is not all that far-fetched to me.

Other odd bits . . .

Supposedly Jeb's super pac is going for the scorched earth campaign to finish off the wounded Rubio. Kasich also, but who is possibly taking him seriously as a long term candidate?

Some are hinting that Rubio's bad performance against Christie was due to exhaustion. There are reports that his campaign pushed him way too far and hard in trying to capitalize on his third place finish in Iowa -- reports of a tired and lethargic looking Rubio at various events prior to the debate may lend some credence to that. I think that's what took Huck down in the 08 primaries -- he just wore himself out an made a bunch of unforced errors that killed his campaign.

Also some news of an Anybody but Trump super pac springing up with the sole purpose of taking out Donald Trump. They're claiming some responsibility for Trump's bad showing in Iowa (bad as in lower than expected), but no one seems to be able to offer concrete proof of that. They're not endorsing any single candidate, but rather just want Trump off the stage so a more traditional candidate can coalesce the party. I'm thinking the idea here is to fight a proxy battle against Trump to save the various other contenders from dealing with Trump's oddly effective counter-attacks.

And just for good measure, I'm going to once again mention my complete disgust for conservative media of all sorts. I caught some of Laura Ingraham the other night. She has spoken out against National Review for their Against Trump edition. And to watch her almost gleefully point out that the outsider Trump had won NH makes me wonder if she has given any thought to what a Trump Presidency would do to this country. And that's assuming he won. Which according to the polls say he would not. Would Ingraham, Bolling, Hannity and others have the Republican party turn into the embodiment of the characterizations the left levels against us? A bunch of knuckle-dragging, uneducated, zenophobic, racists and bigots? Is it so important to have enough juicy news to drive your tv or blog ratings that you're willing to push this country into sewer?

Shame on all of you.

Speaking of shame on you, this pic appeared in a Twitter feed about the preparations for a Clinton rally:

Hillary Clinton respects the American flag


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