Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sarah Palin is dead to me

sarah palin stabs real conservatives in the back

Well, they've been hinting at it and now apparently it is true -- Palin has endorsed a self-aggrandizing, vulgar, cretinous ass clown for President of the United States, i.e. Donald Trump.

Turning her back on actual conservatives she helped put in office like Ted Cruz and Nikki Haley, Palin has instead opted to back a famewhore candidate that is everything she claimed Barack Obama was back in 2007.

I've stuck up for Sarah for years, defended her against the slurs and misinformation spread about her . . . I predicted way back in the 2008 Primaries that McCain would select her as his running mate and that it would give his campaign a boost of energy.

I was right about a great many things about Sarah Palin, but I was wrong about this. She's not interested in returning this country to a Constitutional republic. She's not in favor of smaller, more responsible government and lower taxes. She wants a dictator . . . one that campaigns with a R after his name. disappointing

This endorsement may tip the scales in Trump's favor. And I may find myself faced with a quandary on election day this year. Because I won't vote for this fool. And I won't vote for whatever socialist idiot the Dems put out there.

Maybe I'll write my own name in.

And add Sarah's name to the list of (supposedly) conservative commentators I've lost respect for this cycle.

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