Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Anna Camp in a bikini = too modest

anna camp bikini

Pitch Perfect is a guilty pleasure of mine. A silly little picture that captured my imagination with solid acting, a good story and some decent musical performances. Of course, I'm not the only one as the original spawned a sequel that came out last summer.

Anna Camp played the head of The Bellas, a harsh taskmaster for the girl's group that literally drove herself sick with her desperate drive for perfection. I thought she was attractive when I saw her in the movie, the first time I've seen her in anything, I think, so when I saw she had some bikini pics out there, I was intrigued.


You can see she's got a pretty rockin' body, and I'm not advocating wardrobe exposures at every turn -- but the granny-panties bikini just isn't doing it for me. She still looks great and all, something a bit more saucy might have been fun.

just sayin'

anna camp bikini
anna camp bikini

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