Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Amazing similarities

The Washington Post has an article in it's online issue about Donald Trump's disastrous machinations with the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City back in the 1990's.

It's an amazing bit of research and reporting. And if you've been paying attention to the primaries build up and the campaigning, the similarities between how Trump bulldozed his way into that debacle and his current Presidential run are plain.

His "just trust me" "I'll get it done" "I'm Donald Trump, I can do things others can't" rhetoric, the outright lies and grandiose overstatements about his abilities and promises of wealth to be delivered have all been echoed over and over on the campaign trail and in the televised debates.

Along with his penchant for lashing out at any who dare to stand up to him. Such as Marvin Roffman a senior analyst at Janney Montgomery Scott who forecast that Trump's absurdly ambitious plans for the Taj wouldn't work. Trump demanded Roffman be fired then denied he ever did so, despite the evidence of his written demands for Roffman's dismissal.

Roffman sued both his former employer and Trump and got financial settlement's in each case. But as I've said repeatedly as Trump-bots have pushed this clown to the top of the polls -- trade one thin-skinned petulant dictator for another? WTF are you people thinking?!

As an aside, there's a rumor that Sarah Palin may come out with an endorsement of Trump today. If that's so, I'll be very disappointed. And along with Glenn Beck, I'll be wondering exactly what happened to the Tea Party grassroots that sprung up all those years ago.

Trump as Republican nominee = Hillary as President, as Trump loses against Hillary in every poll. And if you're thinking Hillary will go down with this server thing, remember, I've said all along that she's a stalking horse for Elizabeth Warren. You see quiet chatter about this all the time in background stories. Warren's got the lib bonifides to take the reigns and run with it. And Bernie would happily support a Warren presidency, so the left would be united and Trump's hateful rhetoric would turn off independents and swing voters. It would be a landslide victory for socialist Democrats.

I would encourage anyone to read that article. And if you're seriously considering Trump as your nominee, I wish you'd think this through. You're making a mistake and dooming this country to an even more leftward lurch than we've seen in the last eight years.

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