Monday, November 30, 2015

Maitland Ward joins the campaign

The Free the Nipple campaign officially became valid today as my favorite redhead joined the cause with the following shot across the internet media censor's bow:

maitland ward free the nipple

Vive la resistance!

While at the other end of the spectrum, Pirelli drove a stake through the heart of its iconic yearly calendar by replacing photos of models like Kate Upton and Miranda Kerr with absurdly photoshopped images of Amy Schumer and steroidal Serena Williams among other hotties like aged Patti Smith, etc.:

amy schumer pirelli tire calendar
serena williams pirelli tire calendar

Not sure exactly what garages Pirelli thinks will want to tack this ode to political correctness up on their walls, but unless 99% of auto mechanics suddenly turned into gay celebrity bloggers overnight, I'm guessing this will be their least popular calendar ever.



Pirelli... Say it's not so!

postaldog said...

I know, right? WTF were they thinking!