Thursday, September 17, 2015

Two things about last night's debate

First -- yes, Carly did win that debate:

Second -- we saw in the 2012 Primaries how the left wing media turned the Republican candidates into a bunch of clowns by throwing baited/loaded questions at them that set them up for relentless mockery. That and the constant pitting of one candidate against each other, the biased media was able to portray President Obama's challengers as a bunch on loose-cannon nutbags, enough so that independent and swing voters were turned off, even by the final milquetoast candidate Mitt Romney.

Jake Tapper tried to preemptively set things up prior to the debate by claiming that the Republican candidates would attack him with straw man arguments rather than talk policy or give straight answers. That wasn't needed as the constant tactic of Donald Trump says this . . . how do you respond? was enough to make the seemingly endless debate cringeworthy.

This group needs to remember what they're doing here -- not playing Trump's reality show version of campaigning, but running for President of the United States. Stay on point people, we're counting on you.

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