Sunday, September 13, 2015

David Ortiz hits #500

David Ortiz hits #500

Congrats to Big Papi for hitting numbers 499 and 500 last night against the Rays. Ortiz joins A-Rod and Albert Pujols as the only active players with 500 home runs. Pujols being the only other player to get nos. 499 & 500 in the same game.

Papi's offensive outburst was part of a 10-4 drubbing the Sox handed the Rays one day after giving away a one run lead in their first meeting. With the Rays desperately trying to get a wild card birth, the Sox are simply trying to climb out of the cellar and give themselves some hope for next season.

GM Ben Cherrington is gone, with Detroit's Dave Dombrowski brought in to try and steer the team back into the playoffs. Sadly, after a season of abysmal performances, the team now is performing like the team Cherry had envisioned when he began this process. Sox starting pitchers are 20-8 with a 3.70 ERA, with Joe Kelly (1.85 ERA) and Rick Porcello (2.98 ERA) the most notable turn-arounds.

The young outfield of Betts, Castillo and Bradley Jr., are turning amazing defensive plays nightly and mashing at the plate. Were it not for a ghastly relieving corps., these guys might be making a run for the wild card themselves.

Wait 'til next year! a cry known well to us Buccaneer fans, is not unknown to Sox fans either -- we've had some dismal seasons. But with some good number one pitchers available in free agency and perhaps a pronounced effort to find some reliable relievers, perhaps this string of last place finishes will end.

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