Sunday, September 13, 2015

I think Maitland Ward is implying something here

maitland ward long beach comic con

My favorite redhead went to the Long Beach Comic Con and broke out her default costume -- Princess Leia. Which she fills out much better than Carrie Fisher (who still looked good tho).

maitland ward long beach comic con
maitland ward long beach comic con

I've never been to one of these Comic things, and we have one in Tampa every year. But the kitsch factor is dialed up to 11 here. I'm loving the red storm trooper with the stripes down the sides of his armor, the 1970's cassette on his hip, and the red Adidas shoes . . . lolz!

I saw other pics of Maitland trying on a Vampirella-type outfit, but instead she opted for this black number. It's not bad, but that wig is a crime against humanity:

maitland ward long beach comic con

And who in the blue blazes is this old fart dressing my girl!?

maitland ward long beach comic con

I'm totally gonna have to spend more time in California next time I visit the kids and get this situation straightened out.

I found a shot of Maitland in the Vampirella outfit minus that god-awful wig along with a little Poison Ivy number she worked as well:

maitland ward long beach comic conmaitland ward long beach comic con

Which all ended up in a head spinning mash-up of comic characters here:

maitland ward long beach comic con

A Vampirella leotard + Wonder Woman bottoms + Poison Ivy gloves + a Star Trek phaser . . . ?!?!?! I've got no idea how that all works together, but she totally out kitsched that storm trooper in the above pic.


Mignon510 said...

It is probably because of her eyes, but she makes me think she could be Michelle Trachtenberg's hot older sister, if MT had an older sister.

postaldog said...

I don't see it as much in the eyes as you do . . . but their full bosom certainly seems to be a shared trait  :-)