Monday, May 25, 2015

Guess I know who Tove Lo is now

It wasn't so much the bikini pics of Tove Lo down in Rio that caught my attention:

tove lo bikini

It was this seemingly deliberate oopsey on stage at the Rock in Rio show that set her apart from the crowd:

tove lo boob slip

Yeah, no other way to get that shoulder strap back in place. Had to Google her to figure out who she was. Here's a vid of one of her songs that I'm pretty much sure I've heard somewhere though I don't do Top 40 radio in my life. *Girl on girl kissing* alert necessary. And I'm kind of wondering with the implied drunken hook-up action between her and other girls in the video -- if this was on a college campus, would she now be walking around campus carrying a mattress, doing performance art, to protest her rape at the hands of these multiple offenders taking advantage of her?

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