Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hypocrisy alert

Lightly talented Lena Dunham took time out of her busy schedule of telling women to celebrate Mother's Day by murdering their unborn children to tweet out this pic:

lena dunham horrifying in tights

The text of the tweet had to do with letting her followers know that she was off to the gym to work out with renowned fitness guru to the stars Tracy Anderson.

Hold the phone. Why is Lena Dunham working out? I thought her body was perfect as it is. Isn't that what she's been hectoring us about for the last few years? Her body's perfect. It is we that are the problem because we can't appreciate her awesome hotness.

lena dunham topless

And besides, she just knows that guys have been jerking off to her, in all her doughy hotness, for all her years in New York. At least that's what she tweeted out recently.

I did a post a few years back, when Adele was all the rage. After pimping herself as the plus-sized woman done wrong/hear me roar, she found a new boyfriend. And viola, she's suddenly talking about her new diet and how she's slimming down for her new man, etc.

Well, which is it ladies? You're comfortable in your own bodies and love me like I am, or you're just pandering to an audience and telling them whatever will get you more fame/followers/money?

I have a young friend who was struggling with her weight. I asked her if she found someone she was interested in, would that serve as a motivation to exercise/slim down and so on. And she told me nope. Exactly the opposite. She said that when she was in a relationship, she just packed on the pounds because she was happy, had her man, and wasn't worried about anything else.

At least that was honest. I respect her for that.


Tuerqas said...

Dude, you have to post something else. That woman's face on top, gives me bile in the back of my throat every time!

postaldog said...

Sorry about that. Vacation plus computer problems have me offline for a bit. The above post may help.