Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why is anyone surprised by this -- part 3

As President Obama steams ahead with yet another of his I'll do it on my own moments, this time being a horrible treaty with Iran, conservative pundits are shocked, shocked, I tell ya that the Prez is going to bypass Congress once again and do this deal on his own.

Am I the only one who was paying attention during the 2008 elections?! Let me bring up two things here . . . once again, for the so-called professional political writers:

First, during the primaries, then candidate Obama, supposedly a Constitutional scholar, stated the the Constitution was a fundamentally flawed document because it doesn't contain entitlement language. As I've stated repeatedly -- this is a fundamental misunderstanding of what the Constitution is. It is, simply put, a firewall between the citizens of this country and the federal government. If you know the history of the founding, and this is why history is important to school children, you would know why the Constitution is written the way it is and what the framers were protecting us from -- an over-reaching government that could curtail your freedoms on a whim. The framers believed that the citizens, freed from an oppressive government would flourish and prosper and didn't need entitlements to survive. The phrase pursuit of happiness that is so frequently thrown about by spoiled millenials and liberal pantiwaists is not about unemployment compensation and free health care and federally subsidized retirement, it is about the freedom to pursue your life as you choose without the government micromanaging every jot and tittle of that life.

Second, and to the point of the Iran deal, then candidate Obama said on many occasions that he should be able to sign treaties on his own, without the consent of Congress because he wanted to just cruise around the world writing and signing treaties he felt served his agenda. As we've seen with his extensive executive actions, this President prefers to be a King rather than a servant of the people of this country. A rank amateur with no foreign policy or legislative experience, he believes he knows better than everyone else in the country how to do things. What arrogance!

And like I said . . . why are you surprised by this? Look at the man's own words. He has given us every indication from day one of how he would prefer to rule this country, and he's going about it without any hesitation. We've got two more years of this nonsense. Boehner and McConnell better gets their heads out of their asses and start doing what we voters have given them the power to do, or 2016 might be too late to correct the damage President Obama does to this country.

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