Thursday, March 12, 2015

A prediction -- part 2

Back during the run up to the Iraq War, every intelligence agency in the free world knew for certain that Saddam Hussein had chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Even Hussein's own generals admitted in post war interviews that they were stunned that Hussein didn't unleash his unholy arsenal on the Coalition forces during the war.

But as President Bush tried to get the feckless U.N. to step in and do something about Hussein's repeated violations of the sanctions against him, many analysts pointed out that the lengthy delays would allow the Iraqi tyrant to dispose, dismantle or hide any illegal weapons of mass destruction before outsiders could take control of the country.

We know now that little or nothing was found within Iraq itself, but analysts have stated that the chemical weapons used by Syria is most probably the stuff Hussein shuttled over there to safeguard it from the invading armies.

I bring this up because as politicians and news agencies dither over Hillary's illegal home server (illegal because of how it was used, not the fact that she had one), there is little doubt in my mind that the drives and motherboards in that server have been exchanged for new ones and the originals, with their incriminating evidence, have all been destroyed by now.

So it won't matter if/when someone convinces her to allow a third party investigation into that device . . . it will not have anything older on it than this month. And Hillary will have some nod and wink explanation about why it was cannibalized just when someone wanted to check into it. And she'll skate once again, her corrupt small town politician fa├žade unscathed.

After insuring her gams for $40mil, Taylor Swift has really been working the leggy look around town these days and also doing her best to show off her ass not included whenever possible:

taylor swift white booty shorts
taylor swift white booty shorts

She keeps parading around in those shorty-shorts, I might have to change my opinion about that tiny tush of hers.

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