Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A prediction

I was just watching the Kelly File. I can't remember the number of that separation form she was speaking about [Update: it's OF 109], but it basically would hang Hillary Clinton if she signed it and may be bigger trouble if she didn't.

So if it's determined that she's better off having signed it and didn't, I expect it will turn up signed first thing tomorrow morning. Because I'm sure there's no way to determine when these forms are signed.

And if they determine it's less destructive to her politically to have it disappear, then no one will ever find it. Because this so-called most transparent and ethical administration in history isn't. Not by a long shot. And neither are the Clintons. We've seen that for years. No depth to low for them to plumb if it satisfies their political goal/agenda.

And I'm thinking this is a fake, because Emma Watson doesn't do saucy like this. But if it is, it's good one, and I appreciate the workmanship in creating it:

emma Watson busty sexy

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