Wednesday, March 12, 2014

So, David Jolly won . . .

. . . which is a good thing.

But it will be interesting to watch the Democrat/liberal spin on Alex Sink's loss in the special election for Bill Young's seat in Congress. Because make no mistake -- Democrats were pinning their hopes on the moderate Sink, who had previously lost in the Governor's race to Rick Scott. That loss was supposedly due to Scott's massive fundraising/spending advantage.

This time, Sink had over a million dollars in the bank before Jolly got his pants on. And the Dems outraised and outspent their Republican opponent 4-1 in this election (hey, I thought that it was the Republican party that was the big bucks party...curious).

But something overlooked by the national media was the liberal's other weapon in this election -- the Tampa Bay Times. A strident liberal rag, home of the biased PolitiFact and PunditFact attack organizations, the Times ran daily articles and editorials in every section except the sports section slamming Jolly in particular and Republicans and conservatives in general.

Interestingly, with the election day closing, the paper began hedging its bets, talking about how Libertarian Lucas Overby might draw enough votes to tilt the election one way or another. I have to wonder whether that was due to the trending in early ballots being turned in. Sources say that registered Republicans outvoted Dems 52,000 to 47,000 with an additional 23,000 independents voting early.

Jolly's message was simple -- while he hit Sink with her unwavering support of the unpopular ObamaCare, he stated that the law was symptomatic of the bigger problem in Washington -- a growing massive government intrusion into the lives of the country's voters. Sink's ads focused on nonsense about how Jolly wanted to outlaw abortions and end Social Security. It looks like that resonated with voters who are getting nervous about the current administration's overreaching in a variety of areas.

The final point here is that the results of this election should worry a lot of Dems up for election in purple-y areas. Republicans may be coming out in force in the upcoming mid-terms and it looks like independents might be swinging our way this election as well. This could bode well for conservatives solidifying our hold on the House and hopefully retaking the Senate this year.

If so, here's my thing Congressmen -- don't f*ck it up this time!

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