Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tale of two supposedly crazy starlets

So there was a time Amanda Bynes looked like this:

amanda bynes young and hot

Then something happened and she's walking the city streets looking like a homeless person with pierced cheeks *groan*, sharpie brows, and half her head shaved:

amanda bynes looking homeless

And also threatening to sue magazines that publish pictures of her she doesn't personally pre-approve. So she's constantly taking self-shots and posting them to twitter, like this:

amanda bynes in a bra

'Cause all these bathroom selfies make her look far less crazy *eye roll*

Meanwhile today, Miley Cyrus, who's been accused of riding the crazy train these days, appeared in V magazine looking seriously sexy, despite the spiked hair which just doesn't do it for me, sorry:

miley cyrus hot in v magazine
miley cyrus hot in v magazine
miley cyrus hot in v magazine

I'm thinking one of these girls is 'round the bend and the other is just crazy like a fox . . . care to venture which is which?


Anonymous said...

Tattoos are so Not sexy!

postaldog said...

I can handle a little ink, but Miley's treading perilously close to the runnin' the tilt-a-whirl at the local carnival level.

Can't deny that rockin' bod tho . . .