Monday, December 30, 2013

This is why you never say never

So back in May of this year, I posted about Olivia Sprauer, the World's Hottest English Teacher™, who had been fired from her job at a south Florida high school for augmenting her meager teacher's salary with saucy modeling work as Victoria Valentine James.

Seems at the time, I remember her talking about her work as a model and how her images were tasteful and artistic and so on. It wasn't like she was doing Hustler or anything.

Uhhh . . . yeah. Oops:

victoria james hustler

Not that the lovely Miss James hasn't been keeping busy, but I guess it's hard to turn down money when someone's throwing it at you. The pics in the article aren't all that bad actually. I'm no fan of Hustler, but I remember how hardcore they used to be back in the day. This stuff is pretty tame by comparison:

And I did learn a few things from the interview. She had already turned in her notice when the school's principal got wind of her extracurricular activities (via an e-mail apparently). Also, she had her breasts enhanced at age 14. Eesh!

And the usual boilerplate about her being bi-sexual, girls do it better, Lolita being her favorite novel, yada, yada . . .

victoria v. james
olivia sprauer
victoria james

Plenty of the pics are the usual Hustler fair of up close and personal examinations of Victoria's lady parts. You'll have to check those out for yourself if you're so inclined. The entire thing isn't anything I think she'll end up regretting at some point. But like I said in the beginning, be careful with that never say never stuff.

I was going to make a funny in there about how even Sydney Leathers hadn't done Hustler yet, but there on the back page was a teaser about an upcoming feature on the toothy tattoed Ms. Leathers.


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