Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stupid of the day from the Times

With the re-election of the most fiscally irresponsible President in the history of this country, the Tampa Bay Times (formerly the St. Pete Times) has given up any pretense of objectivity.  The news stories and editorial pages are wall-to-wall liberal propaganda.

The letters to the editor page is beyond belief.  I often wonder if they are choosing these letters because they are so outlandish or whether they are simply nodding their collective heads in agreement when they come in.

In today's letters, Doug Bauer of Clearwater is complaining about Marco Rubio voting against the Hurricane Sandy relief bill.  Bauer says that Rubio "...would be the first to have his hand out if Florida experienced a similar disaster."  Then finishes by saying Republicans are "...all about me." 


Problem is Doug, that the bill is $8 billion in aide for victims of the hurricane, and $51 billion in pork barrel projects that greedy politicians loaded in there.  Maybe you're too busy getting your news from Comedy Central there Dougy, but there's this whole fiscal crisis thing going on.  Perhaps Sen. Rubio is thinking that we shouldn't be loading aide bills with pork projects when were headed over the fiscal cliff into bankrupcy.


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