Monday, January 14, 2013

Did I miss anything at the Golden Globes last night?

Didn't watch the Globes because I'm still a bit fuzzy from my concussion, so I checked the various blogs and news sites to see what I missed.

Jodie Foster apparently came out as a lesbian in her awards speech.  This is news?  To whom?  What casual movie goer or celeb magazine/blog reader for the last 20 years hasn't known this?  I don't really care what Jodie does behind closed doors, I'd be more interested if she could appear in a movie and not play a pretentious, holier-than-thou character for once.

Adele won an award for her awful theme song to the new Bond film.  Who didn't see this coming?  Adele's the flavor of the month right now and every review of the film, whether the reviewer loved it or hated it, started their review with a slobbering paragraph about the theme song.  Here's my yardstick for Bond theme song's greatness -- is it going to be playing on the radio in 5 years? 10 years? 20+ years?  Will bands be covering it in concert or on their CD's like Live and Let Die?  Doubtful.  This howlfest will be forgotten in a year.  For the last Bond movie, the producers lined up "it" performers Jack White and Alicia Keys for an underrated theme song.  By my own yardstick, it doesn't pass the award worthy line, but it's still a cool song and world's better than that dreck from Adele:

Anything else . . . oh yeah, HBO's factually inaccurate political in-kind donation smearfest Game Change won more awards.  Pretty much the rule of thumb with these foreign press types is that if something bashes America or conservatives or Republicans, it's worthy of an award.  I mean that's why the Nobel committee keeps handing out prizes to idiots like Paul Krugman.

So . . . to answer my question, no, I didn't miss anything.

And just wondering here, but what exactly are they promoting in these movie posters anyway:

spring breakers movie poster

Not trying to be a prude here, but this is the sauciest promotional campaign I've seen in a long while. I can only hope the movie ends up being a guilty pleasure and not just some jailbait fantasy flick.

spring breakers promo pic

Update: So the trailer for the movie is out now. I'm still unsure whether it's a cult classic in the making or a disaster:

On thing I do know is that it's pretty cool to see places I'm so intimately familiar with -- The Undertow, the Coral Reef hotel, Corey Ave (I was there the day they shot the scooter scene), the Sunshine Skyway, etc., up on the big screen. If the movie turns out to be a klunker, hopefully our nifty little area here will still impress movie goers.

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