Sunday, March 11, 2012

I see Sue Carlton's at it again

Taking a momentary departure from her usual fight to force patients to declare whether or not they own firearms to their doctor ('cause you can't prescribe an asprin without knowing information like that) or publish the names of concealed weapons permit owners on the front page of the newspaper (because these law abiding citizens are such a threat to society) or reduce city speed limits to 5 mph (because any idiot pedestrian should be able to wander out into traffic without being concerned about getting run over), Tampa Bay Times (formerly St. Pete Times) writer Sue Carlton has found a new conservative injustice to rail at.

Jose Godinez-Samperio has graduated FSU law school and passed the Florida Bar exam. Problem is that Jose is not a citizen of the United States of America and as such is not eligible for admission to the Bar.

Jose's parents came here from Mexico on a tourist visa and naturally, and illegally, stayed after their visa expired. Jose went to school, did well, became an Eagle Scout (more on that in a moment) and went to FSU law school.

Sue naturally frames her complaint around the immigration debate and the hand-wringing entreaty that we not punish the children of illegals for their parents acts.

Problem here is that Jose, clearly an intelligent young man, knew he was here illegally. He is currently 25 years old which means he's had ample time to apply for and become a legal citizen of this country.

As mentioned above, Jose is an Eagle Scout with BSA. As a boy scout, I'm sure Jose is familiar with the various requirements of scouting, to wit:

The foremost responsibility of an Eagle Scout is to live with honor. or

Eagle Rank testifies that a Scout has an understanding of his community and his nation or

I, [ Scout's name ], believe in the Boy Scouts of America as a movement that has as its aim and purpose, character building and citizenship training.

Did Jose simply not pay attention when he was taking these oaths? When he achieved his citizenship badge with the scouts, what did he think being a citizen meant? What part of lying about his citizenship did Jose find to be honorable?

When he was taking law classes at FSU, he surely knew he would not be allowed to enter the bar as a non-citizen. So what was he hoping? That some bleeding heart liberal like Sue Carlton would jump to his rescue and gin up some outrageous outrage over his plight to get him a free pass into the millionaires club that is the law profession?

As an Eagle Scout, Jose is supposed to be setting an example for others to follow. What example is he setting here? Flout the law when its convenient? Deliberately lie to those around you to achieve your goals? Cry foul to the media when you can't get what you want?

Sounds like the perfect lawyer for the Obama administration.

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