Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bush league move of the day

Playing against the Orioles the other day, Rays manager Joe Maddon had the guys get up in the dugout and give Baltimore's Robert Andino a standing ovation.

Who is Andino? He's the guy who drove in the run that ended the Red Sox's season and allowed the Rays to fall into the playoffs last year.

The Rays have been dining out on their lucky pass for the entire off season, with pictures of them celebrating like they actually won something.

"He was startled by it; he had no idea what was going on," Maddon said. "He was looking around. I thought it was pretty good."

Of course he was startled. Andino's a professional ballplayer, and in the pros, you don't do silly little league stuff like that.

This is just another example of the minor-league attitude that surrounds this club. I root for the Rays because they're my hometown team, but its stuff like this and the faux-rivalry with the Sox and all the irrational hatred they send towards Boston that turns me off.

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