Thursday, March 9, 2017

Nicole Kidman is topless

nicole kidman topless pretty little liars

Nicole Kidman is part of the sort-of A-list cast of HBO's new limited run series Pretty Little Liars.

When I saw the cast -- Kidman, Reese (I am an American citizen!) Witherspoon, Shalene Woodley, and Laura Dern, and along with the fact that it was on HBO, I sort of expected there would be some skin involved. And with both Nicole and Shalene having done a bit of partial nudity in film before, I figured it would be one or the other of them to start things off.

I'm not surprised that it's Nicole showing off her amazingly tight 49 year old body, because . . . well . . . she's amazing looking. Amiright?

Anyway, I tried to watch the show, but after the first episode, I gave up on it. The premise is that there's been a murder, and we're looking backward at the events leading up to it to figure out whodunit.

Problem for me came in the initial set up -- new to the upscale beachfront town is Woodley and her introspective 7 year old son. After the first day of orientation, we find out that the spoiled princess daughter of local town bitch, the horribly aged Laura Dern, has marks on her throat and claims someone in class choked her.

The teacher goes full social justice warrior and has the kids in a circle with their mommies behind them and asks little princess who hurt her. Naturally, she points out the awkward new boy. Everyone turns at him in accusatory horror. His mother asks him if he did it, saying it's okay to tell her the truth.


And this is where I started shouting at the television. As a single parent myself, my first question to my son would have been "Did you see who hurt that little girl?" I would never have jumped to the conclusion that he was guilty of anything simply because some other 6 or 7 year old claimed he did. What utter horsesh*t!

I saw the rest of the show through a angry haze and wasn't very impressed. Needless to say, I won't be watching any further episodes. Thankfully, we've got the internet to capture any interesting images like these. And I won't feel the least bit guilty using these pictures without watching the show, because knowing HBO's shameful blatant politics, they deserve to have anything they thought might draw viewers to their latest propaganda broadcast undercut.

nicole kidman topless pretty little liars
nicole kidman topless pretty little liars

And an animated gif of the above images ('cause I'm nice like that):

nicole kidman topless pretty little liars

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