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Kristen Stewart is topless too

kristen stewart topless personal shopper

Before she went in for the full butch lesbian look with the short blonde buzz cut hairdo, Kristen Stewart worked on a movie called Personal Shopper. I posted a grainy screencap a while back, and it appears there are more grainy screencaps out now. So here you go:

I found some better quality caps, so I've replaced the grainy stuff with the higher quality images. 'Cause I'm cool like that. Enjoy:

kristen stewart topless personal shopper
kristen stewart topless personal shopper
kristen stewart topless personal shopper
kristen stewart topless personal shopper
kristen stewart topless personal shopper

What's the movie about? Is it any good? Who knows. No one seems to be talking about the movie, only leaking grainy images. Might not be a good sign for the box office. just sayin'

Well, I've actually seen the movie now, so I can answer the above question. And yeah spoilers below, but believe me, I'm doing you a favor here.

Stewart portrays Maureen Cartwright, a young 27 year old living in Paris. She has a twin brother, Lewis. I should say she had a twin brother as he is now deceased. Maureen and her brother both share a congenital heart defect, which has caused her brother's death.

Both Maureen and Lewis are also mediums and prior to his death, they had both agreed that whichever passed on first, would try and reach out from the afterlife to the other to confirm that such a thing actually exists. For three months, Maureen has been lingering around waiting to hear something from her brother.

His widow is seaking to sell their house and the new buyers are concerned there's a presence there, so Maureen gets to spend a few nights in the house hoping to hear from her brother and/or exorcise the home. No explanation why the new buyers believe this, perhaps it's just a French thing.

There is a spirit there, a somewhat malevolent one that slams doors, knocks things over, and leaves big scratches on the wall and table. Maureen finally gets a look at that thing which is misty and misshapen as it hovers over her and vomits ectoplasm.

After lying to her brother's widow about how the house is now clear, Maureen returns to her paying job as a personal shopper [roll credits] to an arrogant, imperious big socialite/celeb type named Kyra (I've forgotten her last name) who spends all her time going to world changing events and promoting causes. Fashionably, of course. Maureen's job is to zip around Paris on her little Peugeot scooter as she picks up tens of thousands of dollars worth of dresses and jewelry and accessories and lugs them back to Kyra's apartment in plainly marked bags and leave them for her. 'Cause I'm sure that's how that really goes in real life. *sigh*

We spend endless amounts of time watching Maureen ride her scooter, or travel back and forth from London to Paris on the train. It's half the movie at least. Maureen also has the unnerving habit of buying drinks or coffee or whatever and then taking only one sip before walking away from what she just purchased.

And lastly, Maureen also has a stalker. Someone who's stalking her via text messages. Maureen at first thinks it may be her brother contacting her through her cell phone, which tells you everything you need to know about her character and/or the laziness of the writers. But with only minimal challenging, the stalker gets Maureen to break a cardinal rule with Kyra -- she tries on one of Kyra's outfits (the harness thing above) then climbs into Kyra's bed and masturbates herself to sleep . . . wearing Kyra's underwear . . . and a ridiculously expensive one-of-a-kind dress. Classy. Maureen also steals one of Kyra's outfits, described to her by the dressmaker as "sensual and powerful," to meet with the stalker at an expensive hotel, though he/she never shows up. So is she scared of this stalker, or is she hoping to seduce, or be seduced by, him? Make up your mind writers.

Kyra is eventually killed, leaving Maureen to walk in to find her bloody corpse and then run out scared. A stereotypical jerky cop naturally assumes Maureen had something to do with it even though she called the police within minutes of running away, was waiting for the police when they arrived, and didn't have a drop of blood on her or her clothes.

The stalker is eventually caught after he lures Maureen to yet another hotel, he turns out to be Kyra's lover who we met early in the movie and in a second watching of the movie one can see he's immediately drawn to Maureen perhaps even stealing her phone number at one point.

Shaken by all this, Maureen seeks refuge at her brother's widow's home. She's moved on with a new man (only three months, wow) and during a conversation with him, Maureen sees a glass float across the kitchen and then crash onto the floor. Convinced it is probably her brother, she then takes off to meet her boyfriend, whom we've only seen in a couple of Skype chats, in some country off the gulf of Oman where he's doing some IT work.

Maureen arrives at where he's staying, but of course he's not there. While there, Maureen hears more loud thumps that she tries to interpret as messages from her brother. The film ends with her asking whether this is all just her. So nothing is answered. Is the ghost in the house Lewis or something else? Is the presence waits for her in Oman Lewis or something else? We get a glimpse of what looks like a spectral man during the glass shattering event (Maureen does not see him). Was that Lewis? If so, why not do something more communicative than just drop a glass on the floor? The film's end is all questions and no answers. And the questions aren't profound, simply annoying. It's not a clever or thought provoking movie, just a lazily written one that's using a well-known actress to get the attention it would never receive otherwise.


Other than the novelty of seeing Kristen Stewart's hot little body topless, there really isn't anything to recommend about this movie. Stewart continues her now trademarked method of mumbling her lines and looking furtively about like someone high on coke in a crowd of police. I suppose if you're looking for an actress to portray a haunted (pun intended) character who trembles constantly and speaks in stuttery mumbles, she's your gal. But in my humble opinion, she needs to branch out into some other type of character

Don't waste your time on this flick. It just really isn't very good.

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