Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I'm liking this Gorsuch guy

So the second day on confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch are well under way with Dems coming at him in 30 minute sessions over the next 12 hours.

Seems a bit ridiculous to attack someone in this sort of marathon style, but it is what politics has come to in this country.

Anyway, decrepit "Senator Mam" Dianne Feinstein decided to play her best smug condescending superior role and dared Gorsuch to offer up "one or two cases we may not have heard of" in order to show he's not a biased judge ruling solely for gigantic, heartless corporations at the expense of the little guy Dems always claim they care so much about (but totally ignore during Presidential elections).

Gorsuch delivered this stunning knockout:


Might want to do your homework next time princess. There's a reason why this guy was confirmed by even Democrats for his position 10 years ago. If this is the best attack Dems can come up with, why are they even bothering?

And for some follow up goodness, here's Gorsuch destroying another of the Dems lame talking points about him over an already thoroughly debunked claim by a former student that then professor Gorsuch was telling his female students that employers were put in an unfair position by having to give women maternity leave and so on:

Keep digging knuckleheads, this guy's way too smart and talented to fall for your transparent gotcha questions.

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