Saturday, August 13, 2016

This is kind of wild

thomas gibson fired from criminal minds

Reports have surfaced that Thomas Gibson has been fired from the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, a show he has starred in for 11 seasons.

News from the studio states that Gibson had already been suspended for two episodes over an altercation with a writer/producer on the series. It is alleged that Gibson kicked this guy during an argument over a scene Gibson had been directing.

TMZ reports that Gibson had been sent to anger management classes back in 2010 after another on-set incident.

The studio says Gibson will appear in two episodes in upcoming season 12 and then be written out of the series.


Criminal Minds has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. They've managed to do a pretty good job of delivering what Lance Henriksen once referred to as the killer of the week storylines.

Gibson has always been a dour presence on the show, despite beginning his career working in lightly comedic roles. Suppose it got to him after a while? Who can say.

The show has also had its share of hotties, AJ Cook being to only original hot girl left unless you include the Rueben-esque beauty Kristen Vangsness who plays the show's computer whiz/hacker type.

A few others have had short runs with the series -- Rachel Nichols and Jeanne Tripplehorn were mere blips on my radar. More recently they've done a yeoman's job trying to make double-wide Jennifer Love Hewitt not look ridiculous as an FBI agent. They do have a fitness requirement at Quantico, you know. Just sayin'

But my personal favorite was Paget Brewster. That long patrician face and busty figure . . . nice. Always made me wish the show was less grounded in reality so they could have had a bikini undercover thing at some point. *sigh*

Oh well. Be interesting to see how the show motors on without Aaron Hotchner. It wasn't as difficult to proceed without the self-important Mandy Patinkin, but Hotch has been the glue that has kept the series continuity through all the cast changes.

Here's a some random bits of hotness from the various gals in the show:

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