Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hey Ann Coulter, how's that single issue voter thing working out for you, dumbass?!

Back when the primaries were just getting under way, Ann Coulter lashed herself permanently to the front of the Trump train when Trump began making xenophobic and patently absurd claims about his plans to curtail illegal immigration in this country.

Coulter, who is permanently on a book selling tour, had hit her nirvana as her recent book was about illegal immigration. She declared herself, proudly, a one issue voter, sending out the now memorable tweet about how she didn't care if Trump was performing abortions in the Lincoln bedroom as long as he signed this draconian immigration bill into law.

Well, Trump's the Republican candidate now. And we're witnessing what some pundits are dubbing The Softening, as Trump, who's already walked back every single position he staked out in the primary season, is now really walking back his position on illegal immigration.

In fact, I think Trump is even farther to the left than the notorious Gang of Eight bill that torpedoed Marco Rubio's Presidential run.

Ann's doing the talk show rounds, which is what she always does along with spitting out books a pace that would humble L. Ron Hubbard, and she's doing her best to soft talk her spray-tanned god into rethinking his most recent flip-flop.

*insert Nelson laugh here*

Those of us who were Never Trump before there was a hashtag tried to warn people about what was coming -- Donald Trump is a lifelong progressive Democrat. He's financially supported socialist/progressive Democrats his entire life and comes from and lives in the most progressive/liberal city in America after the nutbag pervert haven that is San Francisco. Of course, he's going to adopt liberal political positions, that's who he is . . . always was. And he warned you this was coming. He said repeatedly during the primaries that he would be something completely different when/if he got to the White House. He bragged about how his supporters blindly support him no matter what he says and does. And he's been right about that to be sure.

Trump's supporters are twisting themselves into knots trying to resolve his newest persona. It was just barely a week ago, after bringing on the thuggish Steven K. Bannon from Trumpbart . . . I mean Breitbart News to run his campaign, that Trump was bragging about how he wasn't going to change a thing . . . go down to defeat being himself . . . yada, yada, yada.

But getting his ass handed to him in the polls, now he's doing that pivot thing that everyone who blindly supports him was hoping for. And with that pivot making him more liberal than the worst conservative candidate Republicans could have possibly nominated, the Vichy right is in a real quandary.

I've seen other posts about whether we're supposed to be "conservatives" or "Republicans." I thought those terms were supposedly synonymous. Guess that's no longer the case.

So Ann, if you're reading this . . . nice job dumbass. You've helped throw away a gimme election for conservatives. If you've got a moment, go read this little post from the beginning of the primary season.

You and the rest of the shallow thinkers in the pundit/blogger/commentator sphere forced this clown on us. You own him.

Still defiantly #NeverTrump

btw -- saw this little photoshop of the latest cut and paste book Ann spat out after Trump secured the nomination. I added a few embellishments of my own:

ann coulter is a fucking alt-right moron!


Tuerqas said...

"I've seen other posts about whether we're supposed to be "conservatives" or "Republicans." I thought those terms were supposedly synonymous. Guess that's no longer the case."

Heh, it has not been the case for at least 30 years...

postaldog said...


Sadly, I think you're right :-(