Sunday, December 6, 2015

So who is Obama going to blame on television tonight?

I hear we're getting a prime time address from the President tonight to speak on the events in San Bernadino and the larger situation of ISIS and terrorist attacks. Is there anyone who doesn't know where this is headed?

I posted earlier that the administration was working to draft an executive action on gun control. So we're going to hear that the Second Amendment and its supporters are to blame for the San Bernadino tragedy. And we're just going to need more laws that only affect the law-abiding and don't deter the criminal one bit.

We'll hear how our own supposed intolerance -- "they were mocking his beard" and bigotry is bring the wrath of these terrorists down upon us. Why if we would only close Guantanamo, there wouldn't be any way to recruit or radicalize these new ISIS fighters.

Supposed hateful rhetoric from Republican Presidential candidates will be blamed. As well as FOX News and any conservative commentator who criticizes our lightworker from another dimension President.

And I'm sure the catch-all bogeyman of the left, George Bush, will be blamed in some way for all this. You know -- all the problems I inherited from the previous administration . . .their war . . . etc.

I don't know if I have the stomach to sit through anything this guy has to say, but I might tough it out just to see how he blames everyone but the terrorists for what's going on in the world today.


Well . . . I managed not to throw up. So there's a plus.

But it was a pretty unfulfilling speech, set at about 13-14 minutes.

Basically, the Prez isn't going to change anything he's doing now. Says he gets daily updates, but then why prior to the Paris attack, did he think ISIS was contained? And he's pushing for a cease-fire in the Syrian war.

The gun control stuff was just red meat for the lefties. The nonsense about the no-fly list -- first off, neither of the two terrorists in San Bernadino was on that list, so what would that accomplish? In fact, how many of these foiled attacks have had suspects who were on the no-fly list buying firearms? It's a symbolic move, nothing else.

And how much harder does he want to make it to buy an AR-styled rifle? And what does he want to do? Extend the waiting period? A more thorough background check? What? None of those things would have stopped or slowed this attack and they won't stop future attacks as the radical Islamic terrorists don't mind laying in wait for months to stage an attack.

It was just the usual pandering to his left-wing base. Nothing that would help stop a future attack on innocent Americans.

There was of course the usual straw man arguments about a non-existent backlash against Muslims in this country. You hear people talking about death threats and discrimination, but no one actually can point to it actually occurring. Kind of like the poop swastika that everyone knew about, but no one actually saw or took a picture of.

Like I said, I didn't throw up. And I'm glad I didn't sign up for one of those drinking games, because he did surprise me with the restraint in not attacking conservatives or Republican Presidential candidates. And with only 14 minutes of air time, the Prez wasn't going to be late for his big soiree with all the Hollywood deep pocket types he had lined up for later in the evening.

Basically, business as usual in the Obama White House.

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