Sunday, December 27, 2015

So everyone's doing their "best of the year" posts . . .

. . . and I might as well do mine too.


Though I may have finally topped a million hits on this silly little blog, I'm not under any illusions that folks are coming here for my commentary on sports or politics or my ravings about the great lie of man-made global warming. And why aren't they?! Damn!

I adhered to Stacy McCain's light-hearted comments about using pretty girls to drive traffic to one's blog. And of course, it has worked. 99+% of my traffic is image generated searches. So I present to you the images that may have caused their attending posts to be the top 12 most viewed of 2015:

Number 12:
Sadly it wasn't my story about the PO's return to profitability that drove eyes to this story but rather Nikki Sims' sauciness that folks were looking for:

next door nikki

Number 11:
The whole point of Rule 5 Sunday is from Stacy McCain's blueprint for blogging success and 60's beauty Margaret Nolan is still bringin' in the hits:

Margaret Nolan nude

Number 10:
It seems fans are still interested in Denise Richards after all these years out of the public eye. Her bikini pictures were in demand this year, botoxy face and all:

denise richards bikini

Number 9:
My favorite redhead, Maitland Ward, was a top hit getter in several posts, but this one drew the most attention. I wonder why:

maitland ward see thru

Number 8:
More Rule 5 goodness -- that sexy Texan, Elizabeth Marxs got plenty of well deserved attention in 2015 here:

Elizabeth marxs

Number 7:
Who would have thought Mena Suvari was still being searched on the web? I threw the pics in as a lark and boom . . . hit city. Go figure:

mena suvari topless

Number 6:
What I just said about Mena goes double for Tiffany Amber Theissen. Rule 5 magic of course, but folks are still Googling her plenty just the same:

tiffany amber theissen

Number 5:
Sexy, beautiful, conservative Stacey Dash is always a big attraction, hit wise, and my post celebrating her birthday was no exception:

stacey dash nude

Number 4:
I did a post about whether Paris Hilton had a boob job. I'm still not sure as her cleavage seems to expand and contract constantly. Not sure which pics in that post are drawing the eyes, so I'll go with the topless as a default (you're welcome):

paris hilton topless

Number 3:
Salma Hayek did an amusing tweet about how she was "still here" after the celeb magazines were touting Sofia Vergara as the new Salma. Well, rare bikini pics of the luscious latina drew some big traffic for this blog:

salma hayek bikini hawaii

Number 2:
Equally surprising this year was the interest in Katie Holmes. Specifically those nudes from The Gift. Not sure if she wishes those would go away, but part of her fame is associated with those rare topless scenes. No such thing as bad publicity, right:

katie holmes topless

Number 1:
And finally -- the number one traffic getter is my post about Melissa Reeves getting back at her friend Kayleigh Morris. Kayleigh led the pack, far outstripping (no pun intended) other posts about Melissa herself (who didn't even make the top 12). Wonder if Melissa knows that all her drunken stumbling around half-naked isn't making her more popular than her friend:

kayleigh morris topless by melissa reeves


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