Thursday, December 18, 2014

What about us?

With all the teeth gnashing over the North Korean hack of Sony Pictures, I'm trying to remember what I heard about another recent hack of the U.S. by a foreign nation.

Just a month or so ago, the USPS database was hacked by the Chinese. The personal data of 500,000 employees was compromised and our internal computer network hasn't been the same since.

So where's all the sturm und drang over that? Where's all the talk of sanctions and reprisals and so on? I guess because we don't have salacious e-mails to spread around or an awful movie to suppress, no one really cares. Of course the USPS is everyone's favorite punching bag so nobody's really upset about us being hacked. But it just seems a little crappy to me.


My new favorite girl Maitland Ward drops by to demonstrate some relaxation techniques to help me regain my calm:

maitland ward yoga

Mmmmm . . . I feel better already :-)

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Jon Dougery said...

The girl needs a little sun, but regardless, she's still a stunner...