Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Man of the Year

time magazine person of the year

Yeah, this isn't an original pick. I'm sure of that. But I think props need to be given to a God fearing, decent, conservative man who didn't back down when the full weight of the intolerant, bigoted, hate-mongering left in this country descended upon him.

We've seen time and again this year, conservatives who we thought would be standard bearers for those of us who believe in time honored family values and a respect for the Constitution and its role in defining our government, tuck their tails between their legs and run like simpering bitches from the slightest pressure brought by left and its media lapdogs.

Robertson stood his ground when A&E suspended him from his show and never blinked. Of course it's easy to say I'll just take my ball and go home when you're a millionaire businessman, but shouldn't our elected representatives have the same spine? After all, they are supposed to be representing the people who put them in office and pay their salaries! And if those people tell you to stand your ground and fight, then god damn it stand your ground and fight!

I see now that frustrated leftest haters are digging into old interviews with Robertson to try and dig out something new to obsess over. He'll weather this storm just as well, because nothing he is doing or saying is actually wrong, it's just not politically correct. And maybe the tide is finally turning on that nonsense.

We'll see.

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