Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Well, technically it is a bikini . . .

. . . But come on grandma, live a little would ya?

Taylor Swift went out paddleboarding recently with the next dude to get break up songs written about him. Swifty got her couture on with a retro swimsuit that was just . . . well . .

taylor swift bikini paddleboarding

Yeah, I know . . . she's doing the whole won't get any celebrity oops pics of me today...hah! thing. But seriously, I'm not digging the test pattern design and if she's so worried about accidental exposure, why not wear a wet suit. Covers everything up and still looks sexy. Cause she has a nice body on her, so I'm hoping she doesn't find that diaper thing attractive. And you know she's expecting to get pap'ed, because she's wearing lipstick.

Personally? I'm a less is more kind of guy when it comes to bikinis:

model gabechristina model
haley modelann angel

But I guess that's just me.

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