Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So that's where Stacy Haiduk is these days

Never gave much thought to it, but you know how you see someone on television and they seem sort of interesting and you lose track of them and wonder . . . still around?

stacy haiduk superboy

I remember thinking Stacy Haiduk from the old Superboy tv series was one of those interesting people. Those neat, light blue eyes and big 80s hair. Every once and a while, I'd think hmmm . . .

But she has been busy doing lots of television and movies and such and now:

stacy haiduk nude

Yep, she's rockin' her 45 year old naked body on HBO's True Blood. No I didn't watch the show, so I have no idea why she's in a motel room eating fried chicken naked with some creepy looking dude. But hats off to her for having the fearlessness to bare it all on a show full of so many hardbodied younger actors:

stacy haiduk nude stacy haiduk nude

Very hot and very fit -- impressive :-)


Anonymous said...

Her left tit is a ball of suck(le).

postaldog said...

Vidcaps often are not the most flattering of images to be sure. Still, she's damn fine looking in her mid 40s.