Sunday, February 26, 2012

So naturally, we have a rain delay

Been waiting all this time for NASCAR to get going again and what do we get? Typical wierd Florida February weather -- cold and rainy at the track, bone dry just a couple of miles south.

Watching the pre-race drag-it-out preliminaries. Anything interesting?

I'm likin' Lenny Kravitz's drummer. Dude looks like he's having a blast back there.

The Danica interview was horrible. Not all her fault as DW seemed oddly unprepared to ask her questions about anything important.

For a guy who spends so much time flapping his gums about the sport, NASCAR head guy Mike Helton doesn't come off very comfortable in front of the camera. Just answer the question Mikey -- gonna postpone until Monday if the rain doesn't stop? How tough a question is that?

Speaking of which, NASCAR just couldn't stand the very cool nature of the old 2-car tango from the last couple of seasons, so they screwed up the cars by making the rear spoiler smaller and the rear bumper bigger. So we're back to the big pack, wreck-in-waiting, style of driving again. Just ask Danica, Jeff Gordon, and Kyle Busch how nice that is. Could have lost three drivers already, simply for the sake of so-called old school racing. Idiots!

Oh yeah, not race related but the commercial for the new GI Joe movie -- Bruce Willis and The Rock? Might be substantially better than the first one.

And just like that (@5:10pm) the Daytona 500 is put off until noon on Monday. Good thing I'm off work tomorrow. heh

Update #2:
Looks like its still raining in Daytona, so they've pushed the race back to 7:00pm tonight (Monday). It might still rain during the race, so if they make it to the half-way point, and it rains we may get a rain shortened race again. Tuesday's an option, but not a good one because it jams up the teams travel schedules.

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