Sunday, February 12, 2012

Because celebs say the stupidist things . . .

The other day at some fashion show, Scarlett Johansson opened her mouth and showed why actors and actresses should only speak the lines written for them by scriptwriters.

scarlett johansson bikini pics, now with more cellulite!

In discussing her adoration and desire to see Barack Obama re-elected, Scarlett brought up the first couple's effortless style and casual glamour.

Yep. And then when dismissing current flavor-of-the-month Rick Santorum, the cerebral actress pointed out that Santorum's biggest flaw was not only that he wore sweater vests, but that he didn't wear them "ironically."

scarlett johansson bikini pics, now with more cellulite!

Not voting for someone because you disagree with their sartorial decisions? Fabulous. I've got a friend who said she wouldn't vote for Sarah Palin for President because the Alaska governor was an avid hunter. At least that sounds almost reasonable.

In the wake of fallen songbird Whitney Houston's death, Tony Bennett spoke out for the legalization of drugs.


I've got no idea how Tony thinks that easier access to drugs that addict and kill those who take them would have saved Whitney's life, but then I'm not an idiot entertainer either.

And finally, in the new issue of Ebony, everyone's favorite movie badass, Samuel L. Jackson, said that the only reason he voted for Obama was because he was black.

Yep. Just like that, openly admitting that the man's lack of qualifications for the biggest job in the world took a back seat to the color of his skin. And he calls Tea Party people racist.

The included pics of politcal scientist Johansson in all her frumpy, cellulite goodness are from her vacation in Hawaii this week.

scarlett johannson bikini pics, now with more cellulite!

Somewhere, my girl Mischa Barton is pointing at these images and doing the Nelson laugh.


Anonymous said...

funny cause she isn't a political why are you even considering that she has anything authoritative to say? dumb.

postaldog said...

Funny because there are legions of low information voters who base their decisions on what their favorite stars say in interviews. Her decision to slam Santorum based solely on what he wears shows the shallowness of her thought process. And yet Johanssen made ads advocating for the re-election of Obama, and we see in this sort of comment exactly how superficial her decision making process is. So dumb? Yeah, she's dumb.