Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Taylor Swift wins a dollar

taylor swift wins lawsuit

Lost in the insanity of this weekend's festival of hate was a tiny victory for celebs who get treated like ATM's by unscrupulous parasites.

After losing his job over complaints by Taylor Swift's mother and management, DJ David Mueller sued Swifty for $3 million, claiming the charges that he groped Swift during a photo session were false.

Instead of backing down to avoid publicity, Swift counter-sued for $1.00 and went to court looking for a fight.

Mueller must have hired his attourney from upstairs law school (hat tip: The Simpsons), because this bozo did such a bad job questioning Swift that her own attourney didn't bother presenting a case, just asked for a ruling and got it from the jury.

Despite whether you're a fan of her music or not, it's hard to deny that Swift is a talented writer. And if you've watched any of the silly celeb stuff about her, one thing is obvious -- she isn't afraid to take a shot at anyone she feels has disrespected her, usually doing so in song. So how Mueller and his folks wouldn't think she'd show up prepared to perform at a trial is a headscratcher.

I personally liked the fact that she didn't play wilting flower on the stand, stating forcefully at one point that she wasn't going to be made to feel responsible for being groped. And later pointing out that no, the front of her dress didn't look disturbed by the groping because her ass is located in the back of her body (the photographic evidence is pretty damning and available everywhere right now).

Here's the photographic evidence --

taylor swift ass grab

Pretty awesome stuff. Not sure whether that will earn her cred with the girl power set, but it ought to. Also not sure whether this was just the result of an incompetent lawyer on Mueller's part and a well prepared Swift, but it may just be that under that carefully maintained public visage, Taylor Swift might just be a lot harder edged than anyone realizes.

Katy Perry and others might want to tread a bit more lightly next time they decide to start a cutesy music feud with Swifty. Just a suggestion.

Not exactly connected to the above post, but interestingly, as of yesterday Swift had wiped clean all her social media accounts, even removing the avatar images for those account. Her Instagram is now wiped clean too. And she's unfollowed everyone on her social media accounts. New music coming out? She's relentless about putting out new stuff every two years, so maybe that.

Like I said, I'm not particularly a fan of her music, but she does seem to have a way with working the industry to her favor. We'll see what happens.

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