Monday, August 21, 2017

Jesse Kelly is supposedly a professional writer

I still occasionally drop by The Resurgent, Erick Erikson's little virtue signaling website just to see what sort of stuff is being posted there.

A recent posting by the above mentioned Jesse Kelly, titled It's not me, it's you is what I imagine the writer thought was a fairly clever riff on the political turmoil in the country right now. Deciding the country is irredeemably fractured, it's therefore time to reconstitute the U.S. into a smaller more accommodating country, Kelly then goes forward with a series of snarky rejoinders on why various states, like Florida (too much drugs), won't be included.

Not particularly amusing, but what really caught my eye was this whopper in the opening paragraph:

So once again, as The Beach Boys once so famously said, "our nation turns its lonely eyes to you".

Uhmmm . . . yeah, about that . . . you see it wasn't the Beach Boys that said that in song, it was Simon & Garfunkel in the very famous song Mrs. Robinson. You know . . . won a couple of Grammys, used in that little Dustin Hoffman pic The Graduate . . . hit number one on the charts . . .

You know, that's not a hard thing to look up with a search engine these days. Or perhaps maybe just ask someone over the age of twenty. I mean, you're supposed to be writing as a professional or at least a compensated blogger or some such. I should also mention here that he said it took him three tries to spell the word lonely correctly. Which is pretty pathetic. Spell check anyone?

And this guy gets to post his stuff on a big time website/blog? Go figure.

Also, there's supposed to be a big rally in Washington DC to support President Trump in September. It's being called The Mother of all Rallies, which I'm sure won't drive liberals or Trump haters any more crazy than they already are. But that's not all, now we see that the Juggalos will be joining the march. 'Cause that's exactly what the hyperbolic media needs to see is a bunch of guys in clown makeup marching with Trump supporters who the media already assumes are 100% racist, Nazi, white supremacists.

What could go wrong?

Oh yeah, almost forgot . . . Maria Chappelle-Nadal, the state senator from Missouri who wrote on her Facebook page that she hoped that President Trump would be assassinated, has finally apologized for that outrageous (and illegal) posting.

Yes, she was all straight back and shoulders square and she wasn't going to apologize for what she said. It was wrong to say it out loud, but she wasn't going to apologize for it. That bravery lasted less than a week as the Democratic party was publicly calling for her ouster from the Senate and Missouri's governor was, and is still, looking for ways to remove her from office.

With the prospect of losing her gravy train paycheck and perhaps having to actually go back to work looming and the realization that while Dems and their media lackies wouldn't blink about her calling the President a racist . . . indirectly calling for his assassination . . . no one's got your back on this one honey.

So she apologized. And naturally managed to virtue signal her sturdy Christian faith, that was oddly absent when she was calling for Trump to be murdered, while apologizing to anyone and everyone she could think of.

You buying that? Yeah, me neither. Know who else may not be buying it? The Secret Service. I believe their investigation is still open. I think I read somewhere that advocating for the assassination of a sitting President is a Federal crime. Ms. Chappell-Nadal might walk out of her cushy Senate office and right into an 8x10 cell if things don't go her way.

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