Sunday, February 17, 2013

Danica Patrick wins the pole for Daytona

danica wins daytona poll

Danica Patrick won the pole today during quailifying for the 2013 Daytona 500. Congrats to her and the entire Stewart-Haas team as all three drivers were at one point holding down the top three positions.

I was hoping for a bit more during the telecast about the new cars, but perhaps that will come out in next weekend's pre-race stuff. NASCAR is making a big deal about their rebranding of the cars to more reflect the actual vehicles they are based on. Some long time fans (i.e., me) have complained loud and long about the generic design of the cars. Hoping to improve a bit on flagging attendance, which is more an economy driven thing rather than a disinterested thing, NASCAR is hoping that drifting away from the IROC-like quality of their cars will make for a more compelling product.

Ironically, Dodge was the first manufacturer to debut the new look cars last year, but the only team using Dodge -- Penske, has shifted to Ford, so no one is driving Dodge's in the Sprint Cup Series. They are still present in the Nationwide, with the very cool looking Challenger running along side Mustangs and other brands.

With no actual track experience with the new designs, variables like drafting and such will have to be worked out during the two Bud Shootouts and the big race itself. Could make for some exciting stuff next weekend. I'm looking forward to it.

edit: yep, I spelled it poll originally . . . I'm blaming the concussion :-(

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