Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mariah Carey had a bathing suit oopsey

mariah carey nip slip

Does Mariah Carey even perform anymore? It seems like all I ever see are pictures of her at events or going out to dinner or some such. Oh well. Like Christina Aguilera, Mariah has a great voice but seemed to get caught up in the histrionics of running the scales on every song to the point where her music wasn't as enjoyable to the average listener.

Anyways, the former songbird was out frolicking in the surf with some dude (she and Nick Cannon aren't together anymore? Man, I'm out of the loop these days) and after going through a lot of effort to make sure no one saw her plus-sized ass in a swimsuit, forgot to properly restrain the girls:

mariah carey nip slip
mariah carey nip slip

One of those guy things I suppose -- I'm always amused at the effort women go to covering up their bottoms in this era of celebrating that booty, only to leave their bosoms in a precarious situation.


Girls are funny, no doubt about it.


Tuerqas said...

Heh, I didn't know if you left the country after the Trump fiasco. Welcome back.

postaldog said...

Lolz! Still around, things were coming so fast and furious it seemed I didn't have time to collect my thoughts before some other craziness broke out.

Plus . . . 'tis the season. We've been working crazy overtime, I've been sick as a dog . . . figured the world could get by without me making silly comments on a nightly basis for a bit.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season.