Monday, April 28, 2014

Guess that pesky lawsuit isn't getting in the way of her career

So I ran across this picture of model Hailey Clauson the other day:

And it took me a minute to remember why her name sounded familiar. About a year ago, I ran across a story about Clauson's parents suing the pants off some poor photographer (to the tune of $28 million, I think) over this picture:

Now it wasn't that photog Jason Lee Parry had taken an inelegant picture of then 15 year old Hailey, or that the parents were scandalized by the photoshoot. No, much like the case of the supposedly scandalous picture of Miley Cyrus taken by Annie Leibovitz (and look how she's turned out since then, eh?), the parents were there for the shoot and had no problems with other suggestively posed images of their underaged daughter:

The problem was that Parry had sold that one image to Urban Outfitters, who had put it on a t-shirt to sell to the tragically hip who shop there looking for those iconic image shirts to wear to Starbucks or whatever. I'm sure that if the image had made the cover of Vogue or Glamour or something, mommy and daddy wouldn't have had any complaints whatsoever. But a gauche t-shirt? It's lawsuit time, baby!

I'm only peripherally familiar with those contracts that are signed between models and photographers (don't ask), but I'm a little surprised that Parry didn't have control over his own work. But I imagine that he's taken care of that legal oversight since then. And I see that hasn't affected Hailey's career one bit as she's done work for Guess Jeans, Beach Bunny and other photogs since then:

And like so many young women these days, it astonishes me how dramatically young Hailey has filled out in just a few short years. For her shoot with Parry, the then 15 year old looked like she weighed about 50 pounds soaking wet:

But now, at 19, she looks like she could get work as Kate Upton's body double:

Good genetics, or hormones in the food or something. That' some fairly impressive transformation right there.

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