Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tony Stewart wins at Daytona

stewart wins the coke zero 400

Tony Stewart won the Coke Zero 400 last night at Daytona International Speedway.

Getting a push from Hendrick driver Kasey Kahne on the two lap sprint to the finish, Stewart managed to slip in front of Matt Kenseth and hold on for the win as the field devolved into one of NASCAR's desirable big crashes.

The win gives Tony three victories this season to tie him with Brad Kesolewski and keep Stewart solidly in the standings for the season ending chase that begins in September.

That said . . .

This is going to be me calling out NASCAR once again on their stupidity.

I saw a bit in the paper where Mike Helton was responding to a track owner suggesting NASCAR throw a caution every ten laps to keep the field tight during races. Helton said he didn't want NASCAR to be too gimmicky.


This from the same people who have GoodYear bring new tires to a race and refuse to allow drivers/teams to test with them? The same people who have impound races that keep teams from adjusting their cars when the weather changes prior to the race? The same people who turned Daytona into a one groove track where all the winner has to do is get on the bottom and no one can pass them? The same people who throw mystery cautions for a piece of tissue paper at the end of a race if the leader is too far out in front?

During the race, Kyle Petty did his best to defend NASCAR's rule changes that killed the two car tandem racing that was so thrilling and unpredictable the last couple of years. I still would like to know exactly who was complaining about that. They say it was the fans. I say it was NASCAR, who wants big pack racing and massive wrecks to keep eyes glued to the race.

Oh well, congrats to Tony and I'm glad no one was seriously injured in the last couple of big wrecks in the race. NASCAR got lucky there.

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